Doing Business in Thailand

Are you interested in Doing Business in Thailand?

If you are interested in starting a business in Thailand or a branch office or joint venture with a Thai company, the first and best place to start is the Office of the Board of Investment (B.O.I.). Investment in Thailand is officially under the authority of the Royal Thai Government’s Office of the Board of Investment with many branches located throughout the world.

Also, you can find some preliminary documents to get you started, below (in Adobe PDF format).

Are you interested in Importing from Thailand?

If you are interested in importing from Thailand or are looking to find a Thai supplier or perhaps a contract-manufacturer, you can contact the Thai Trade Center closest to you. These offices are maintained by the Ministry of Commerce’s Department of International Trade Promotion (D.I.T.P.) and can assist foreign companies with supplier/manufacturer match-making as well as with information on trade fairs and trade shows being held in Thailand (or shows and fairs held abroad where there might be Thai industry representation). The information from the Thai Trade Centers will be similar if not the same, so please choose one that is geographically convenient for you.

Are you interested in Exporting to Thailand?

If you are interested in exporting your US product to Thailand, you can contact our US counterparts – the US Commercial Service at an office nearest you. The US Commercial Service is an agency within the US Department of Commerce tasked with assisting and promoting the sale and export of US products abroad, including to Thailand. A complete list of their current office locations (both in the USA and globally) may be found below

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