Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

Thailand Economic Outlook

Thailand Economic Outlook

Thailand is the world’s 25th largest economy, with an estimated GDP of US$ 406.84 billion. It offers a well-developed and stable infrastructure and a pro-business investment climate based on free-market principles. Thailand’s major economic industries include agriculture, textiles, light manufacturing and tourism.

Other Facts about Thailand:
The world’s 16th largest labor force, totaling 39,136,148 million persons (2017)
31.8 percent are employed in agriculture
16.7 percent are employed in industry
51.5 percent are employed in services
The world’s 6th lowest unemployment rate, totaling 1.0 percent (2016)
Foreign exchanges reserves totaling, US $171.77 billion (2016)
Ranks 45th with respect to external debt, totaling US $130.6 billion (December 31, 2016 Est)
Thailand ranks 100th in the world for per capita income, US $17,800

Data sources: Bank of Thailand, CIA World Fact Book and the World Bank

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