Cooking Thai Rice Campaign 🍛
Round 3: 16 – 30 June 2023
Come and join our campaign to win your prize up to $550! This is an opportunity for you to enjoy high-quality and delicious Thai food from Thai Select restaurant.
Terms and Conditions
🌾This activity is exclusively open to participants who reside outside Thailand.
🌾The participation deadline is set at midnight on the final day of the round.
📌To join the campaign, just follow these steps:
1. Make a cooking video using Thai Brown Rice or Thai Riceberry Rice
as an ingredient.
2. Post the video on your Facebook and provide a brief description of the taste and cooking process. Remember to set the post to ‘public’ so that everyone can see it.
3. Please make sure that you tag the Facebook page “Think Rice Think Thailand” and add hashtags #ThinkRiceThinkThailand #EverydayThaiRice and #CookingThaiRice in your Facebook post.
🏆 Winner
The top three winners with the highest combined likes, views and shares will be announced on the Facebook page Think Rice Think Thailand on 2 July 2023 at 12.00 P.M. (Thailand Time).
🥇1st Prize: 550 USD Voucher
🥈2nd Prize: 400 USD Voucher
🥉3rd Prize: 250 USD Voucher
**This voucher can only be used at Thai Select restaurant and will expire on 31 July 2023 (Local Time). It can’t be refunded, exchanged for cash (in full or in part), and can only be used once in a single transaction.
❗️ Remarks
1.The winners from the previous round are ineligible to win the prize in this campaign.
2.The recipient must accumulate likes, views and shares using organic methods, while abstaining from practices that artificially boost numbers without fostering wider promotion.

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