Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

From CNN Travel’s latest World’s Best Foods List (of April 2021), the CNN editorial team lets us know which 50 dishes are the most delicious foods ever created and that should influence where your next travel adventure destination should be.

Thailand is proudly represented on this list by three of our perennial favorite signature dishes – Som Tam papaya salad (at #46); Tom Yum Goong Shrimp Soup (at #8) and standing proudly at #1, everyone’s favorite Masaman Curry. Though normally made with beef or chicken, it’s often available with tofu / bean curd for our vegetable preferring friends.

We understand that given our present circumstances traveling remains difficult, so in the meantime please visit your favorite local Thai restaurants, proudly serving these authentic Thai dishes. They are likely just around the corner!

If you can’t take a break for lunch right now, why not enjoy a variety of amazing Thai Food pictures by visiting the official DC, Maryland Virginia Thai Restaurant Week Instagram account @eatthaidmv where you will find plenty of mouth-watering pictures and reviews of Thai food from participated restaurants.

Source: CNN Travel

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