On October 18th, 2023, the Office of Commercial Affairs (OCA) of the Royal Thai Embassy, Washington, partnered with the Embassies of Argentina and Brazil to host the GSP Day Reception at the Embassy of Argentina. This event followed the GSP Lobby Day, during which the Coalition for GSP—a coalition representing over 100 private sector entities benefiting from the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) program—met with the U.S. Congress to encourage the GSP program’s renewal within the year.  

The GSP Day Reception, attended by over 120 guests as a first-time event, served as a valuable forum for stakeholders, trade associations, esteemed Congressional staff, and U.S. Trade Representatives to discuss, share perspectives, and foster future collaborations towards the GSP program’s renewal. Ambassador Arguello of Argentina, Ambassador Viotti of Brazil, and Minister Supawadee Yamgamol of the OCA, provided opening remarks to the event. The remarks emphasized the GSP program’s significance in catalyzing economic growth and elevating standards of living in beneficiary countries. Furthermore, they underscored its benefits to U.S. stakeholders: reducing import tariffs on essential raw materials and intermediate goods, lowering investment costs, generating U.S. job opportunities, and making products more affordable for U.S. consumers.

Throughout the reception, attendees were treated to a selection of Thai appetizers. The OCA also set-up two exhibition tables displaying Thai products that have thrived under the GSP program. These tables featured a beautiful array of Thai Orchids and Hawai’ian Leis, courtesy of The Orchid Lei Company, Coconut Milk and Sweet Thai Chili sauce, courtesy of the Vasinee Food Corporation, and Thailand-made jelly beans, courtesy of The Jelly Belly Company. Each guest received souvenirs of these products as a token of appreciation. The showcased products of Thailand became a special point of interest for guests of the event, garnering great compliments from many.  

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